welcome Apple’s initiative for indie game community:

you might have come across indie game showcase in your App Store account lately, its one of the most welcomed initiatives from Apple to support indies.

Though there are critics that claim “all the 10 games are well established indies games”. Well I dare to be an optimist & welcome this with the hope that Apple will showcase more & more indie titles in nr. future

~ Cartic

PS    ck out my other post where I have bragged about indies relationship with Apple products http://bit.ly/1myqen6 

a video of our WIP endless running game, game is in UAT phase, more updates soon…

~ Cartic

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Acronym for iPhone, iPad & iMac

Recently Apple celebrated its birthday, with Mac been around for 30 years. Ref. check out this add

For years it has been an enigma of what “i” stands for in iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iWatch„, some claim that it’s a way Steve Job has personified a device to have a relationship with an individual.

·         as iCEO stands for interim CEO, what bout iMac, iPod„„

My thoughts;

The way I see it, it’s not that Apple product has revolutionized the entire music industry (w/ iPod) or mobile industry (w/ iPhone) or education & publishing industry (w/ iPad).

It’s us, who have been exploring DIY model with them. I believe that we have all become an indie in our own way like - a gamer becomes an illustrator, a guitarist becomes an artist„

I feel that “i” stands for indie, which is a perfect acronym than anything else

~ Cartic